Donald Trump goes off the deep end after Robert Mueller makes statement confirming he wasn’t exonerated

So much for no collusion and no obstruction. Special Counsel Robert Mueller made a public statement this morning, emphatically confirming that he didn’t exonerate Donald Trump because the evidence didn’t lead him to be able to exonerate Trump. Mueller spelled out that he didn’t criminally charge Trump because DOJ policy didn’t allow him to charge a sitting president. Mueller couldn’t have been much more clear – but unsurprisingly, Trump managed to hear something else entirely.

Moments after Robert Mueller finished speaking, Donald Trump posted this bizarre tweet: “Nothing changes from the Mueller Report. There was insufficient evidence and therefore, in our Country, a person is innocent. The case is closed! Thank you.” Okay, where do we even start? Mueller did not say that there was “insufficient evidence” to criminally charge Trump. Millions of people just heard that Mueller didn’t say that. It’s on tape. Yet Trump is sticking to this fictional talking point.

If Trump had a better argument to make than “Mueller didn’t say what you all just heard him say,” we’d be hearing it right now. It’s clear that Trump has no idea how to respond to what just happened to him. Mueller did not drop the hammer on Trump, but he did drop the hammer on every one of Trump’s false narratives – and then he handed the hammer to House Democrats and all but told them to go ahead and impeach Trump.

So impeachment is coming. It was essentially inevitable before, and now it’s fully inevitable. Just don’t ask us when House Democrats will invoke the word impeachment, as they’re already pretty far down the road in the impeachment process while still making a point of avoiding formally invoking that word. It’ll happen eventually. In any case, Donald Trump just made clear that he has no idea how to defend himself against what’s coming.

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