Trouble for Republican JD Vance in Ohio Senate race

A bit of a cautionary tale here: He was born with no silver spoon. For the quitter, things had never come easy. He was from Middletown, Ohio. He grew up in poverty. Sometimes he despaired. He wanted to get out. He wanted to see the world and how others lived. He joined the Marine Corps, which taught him about courage. And loyalty.

This worked well for the quitter. He wound up graduating college, and he did it summa cum laude. He received his Juris Doctor from the coveted Yale Law School. He graduated as an educated, urbane, and seemingly courageous man.

He decided to write a memoir of his experiences with poverty — both living with it and getting out of it. The book was a hit. It shot up the best-seller list. And the quitter soon became pretty well-known. His book was turned into a film. It looked like the quitter had done well for himself. But alas, danger had entered in the form of power — and greed.

Few things can corrupt as much as the dangerous cocktail of power and greed. The quitter decided to run for the Senate in Ohio. A wealthy super PAC backed him. There was only one problem. The quitter had to denounce much of what he’d said in the past. He had to become one with the GOP — a non-party of hate and fear.

He made a choice. He turned his back on his values. He adjusted his political positions. He started pontificating about non-existent issues. He is doing that today. This man is Ohio Senate candidate J.D. Vance The man is lost — a victim of greed, hubris, and power-dreams. He wants to be Ohio’s next Senator. But he most likely will not be.

Right now, despite name recognition and oodles of cash, Vance is running quite dismally in the polls. And we must see that continues. Everyone on Twitter should follow our candidate, Tim Ryan. He is a charismatic, intelligent, and kind individual who is running to HELP the American people.

As for Vance? It s a sad and cautionary tale of a man, lost in hubris, desperate to cover his emptiness with power he will never have.