Sarah Huckabee Sanders has meltdown after Donald Trump changes his treason story yet again

Donald Trump changed his story again today about Russian election hacking, this time claiming that Russia is no longer trying to hack U.S. elections, even though the entire U.S. intelligence community has stated otherwise. Then White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders frantically tried and failed to change his story yet again on his behalf.

During his cabinet meeting today, Donald Trump was asked flat-out whether he believes Russia is still targeting U.S. elections. Trump’s answer: a definitive “no.” This went over very poorly, as it meant Trump was once again siding with murderous Russian President Vladimir Putin over the United States government. Even as accusations of treason once again poured in from all sides, Sarah Huckabee Sanders decided to falsely claim that Trump hadn’t actually said what he’d just said.

During her White House press briefing today, Sarah Huckabee Sanders claimed that Donald Trump was saying “no” because he was declining to take the question, not because he was answering it with a “no.” This set off a degree of chaos in the briefing room, as reporters expressed disbelief at what was going on. NBC reporter Hallie Jackson then asked why Trump should be given any credibility, as he keeps changing his position on Russia while insisting that he misspoke.

This pushed Huckabee Sanders over the edge, and she falsely claimed that he hadn’t just said what she’d just said. She then inexplicably added “We never said ‘just kidding.'” Her rambling meltdown ended up sounding even more incoherent than Trump’s own recent babbling. This is just the latest sign that things are completely out of control in Trump’s flailing administration. This is not tenable, and even Trump’s own people seem to know it.

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