Donald Trump suffers embarrassing “Transition to Biden” debacle, gives something away in the process

Good campaign slogans are tricky to come up with, as evidenced by the sheer number of bad campaign slogans we’ve seen from presidential candidates on both sides over the years. But if you really want to know just how vapid, fraudulent, and barely-there Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign is, you need look no further than this how badly this slogan debacle is playing out.

When Donald Trump decided that he needed to explain why America has become such a disaster under his watch, his campaign came up with the slogan “Transition to Greatness.” It was the kind of dud that never should have seen the light of day โ€“ but that happens to candidates. What’s remarkable is what came after Trump debuted it.

The first time Trump tweeted “Transition to Greatness,” people very quickly came up with the “Transition to Biden” retort. Trump’s people should have seen this coming. A transition is usually from one person to another, and in presidential politics in particular, it usually refers to the transition period when a new person is about to take over. After Trump tried the slogan once and “Transition to Biden” immediately became a thing, that should have been the end of it, right? After all, it wasn’t just a dud at that point โ€“ it was a humiliating misfire.

Yet Donald Trump keeps tweeting “Transition to Greatness” over and over again. Each time the results are even worse for him. After he tried it today, “Transition to Biden” quickly became the top trending topic on Twitter. We can all see that Trump is too delusional, and slipping too badly in the cognitive department, to understand this slogan is backfiring on him. But where are his campaign advisers to pull the plug on this nonsense?

Whoever in his campaign fed this terrible slogan to Donald Trump to begin with, that person should be going back to Trump and telling him to stop using it. But no one wants to do that, because then the campaign would need to come up with another slogan to take its place โ€“ and that would require real work. This slogan debacle is giving away that Trump’s 2020 campaign really is as much of a fraudulent joke as it’s been made out to be. If the people running Trump’s campaign cared about winning, they’d have been all over this slogan debacle by now.

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