Tom Cotton crashes and burns

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Our planet is in a wild spin. This spin signifies unity, love, and courage. We have witnessed the coming together of countries everywhere in support of Ukraine. Love is the force that binds all our nations together — not hate.

Putin thought things would be different. He didn’t expect the courage on display. And this isn’t surprising, for what would a man like Putin even know about bravery? Yes, we are as one — at least MOST of us are. And of course, now we come to the GOP. Palmer Report has carefully laid out for you what would happen if moderators and pundits did their jobs and demanded their questions be answered.

We predicted the Republicans wouldn’t be ABLE to answer. And now it appears we are correct — at least where Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton is concerned.

Cotton has disgraced himself, firmly throwing away any chance he may have had at the Republican Presidential nomination in 2024. He likely wouldn’t have stood a chance, but now his chances stand at minus zero.

And he threw it all away for Donald Trump. I hope it was worth it. Cotton appeared on ABC’s “This Week.” George Stephanopoulos was the interviewer in question. And he was NOT going to let Cotton off the hook.

George asked Cotton point-blank to condemn Trump’s effusive praise of Putin. Cotton appeared to develop lockjaw. He couldn’t do it. He simply could not. “Why can’t you condemn Donald Trump for those comments?”
Cotton couldn’t answer.

He suggested that George invite Trump on his show. “I don’t speak on behalf of other politicians,” said Cotton. That wasn’t the question, Mr. Cotton. “Why can’t you condemn that?”

Cotton again tells George to invite Trump on. What say you, Mr. Cotton? (My words.) Your fear is leaking from every pore in your body. Only silence. It’s the silence of cowards. Cotton has been making increasing trips to Iowa and other swing states.

He may as well quit now. His silence is the stuff of traitors, and it’s time to SAY that! But we must persist with these questions because many Republicans will have no answer. The reason they don’t is that they’re scared of their shadows — and we can never let such cowards get anywhere near power again.

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