Told you this wouldn’t work out for Ivanka Trump

Various media pundits (on the left and right) spent months hyping the laughable yet ratings-friendly false narrative that Trump’s kids had some big future in politics. Now Ivanka is acknowledging that she’s not running for Senate in Florida. Duh. The Trumps are toxically unpopular.

Palmer Report called this all along. When Donald Trump lost the 2020 election by a whopping seven million votes, even after he sabotaged the Post Office to keep more people from voting against him, it was abundantly clear that he and his family were simply too unpopular to ever win anything again. When the Capitol insurrection pushed Trump’s approval rating even lower, it was even more clear that he and his family had no future in politics.

The media’s ratings-driven addiction to pretending Trump and his family have a political future is a dangerous one. It causes the public to mistakenly focus on the wrong threats. The real danger is the next far right demagogue who comes out of nowhere and catches mainstream America off guard. The more time we waste obsessing over the notion that Trump and his family might make some magical comeback, the more likely we are to miss the next far right threat.

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