We told you Russia rigged the vote total for Donald Trump

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There was never a doubt. I remember reading the original Palmer Report story about this. I knew even before Bill wrote his analysis this happened. With the latest release of info from the Senate Intelligence Committee, we now know there were direct hacks on our democracy and the voting systems in the US.

Look at Florida, and you can see the proof. With very heavy early voting, the only way Trump could win was cheating since he needed to win a massive 65% of Election Day votes. That was mathematically impossible. Trump had never polled over 40, not once ever, so how could he get a massive 25% bump over his BEST polling ever? He couldn’t. So, we know now it was rigged. Donny himself admitted it. Conmen ALWAYS swear something they did didn’t happen unless the other side did it. 

But on Election Day, the hacking of voter ‘electronic registration’ records were corrupted, as were other aspects of voting. Hackers likely could not actually change votes but could do other things like preventing people FROM voting by deleting names, changing letters to make their names not match their ID, or other ways of negating legitimate voters. Since people register by party, Putins’s hackers knew who to target. A few voters per precinct and voila! Trump vanquishes the impossible to beat the massive margin he faced in Florida.

This happened in PA, WI, MI and perhaps Ohio. Russia didn’t have to attack the entire US election system, not even entire United States, just a few select places to skew the election. In Detroit, there were as many as 8 voting machines that failed, which negated as many as 70,000 mostly inner city (aka black, dem) voters who were never counted.

These votes were more than enough to push trump over in Michigan as he won by a microscopic margin, but as others have pointed out, just enough to prevent a mandatory automatic recount. Russia was so sophisticated in their manipulation, they were able to do this almost on a vote by vote basis to get enough votes to win and a just large enough margin to dodge the automatic recount rule which would have exposed the fraud. 
This election has been a scam since day one, and when you look at all the sycophants who have supported and endorsed Trump, we can all see the massive damage this has caused. 
We’ve been in an undeclared war with Russia that was so secret we didn’t even know we were at war with Russia!

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