Donald Trump’s trip to Georgia today is already going poorly for him

Donald Trump has spent the past month turning the Republican Party against itself in Georgia, and putting the party’s prospects in the Senate runoffs at risk. Now Trump is heading to Georgia tonight to hold a supposed rally for Perdue and Loeffler, but we expect it’ll be more of a Trump pity party. In any case it’s already off to a bad start for him.

It turns out Trump called Georgia’s Republican Governor Brian Kemp this morning and demanded that he overturn the presidential election results in the state. This isn’t surprising at all. But what is notable is that Kemp (or someone close to him) turned around and immediately told the Washington Post about Trump’s antics. In other words, Kemp and his office are trying to score points by outing Trump for once again trying to steal the election.

Kemp’s unwillingness to help Trump, and decision to leak Trump’s antics to the media, are already serving to make Trump look bad – and desperate. It should also serve to put Trump in a foul mood heading into what was already going to be a whacked out rally tonight. Now we’ll see just how ugly and mutually destructive it gets.

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