Donald Trump’s timing couldn’t be any worse

Criminals tend to associate with their fellow criminals, so it’s not one bit surprising that a lifelong financial criminal like Donald Trump has spent his life associating with one criminal after another. But even criminals tend to hate sex offenders, just as much as the rest of us hate sex offenders. That’s what makes it so disturbing that Trump is associated with so many confirmed and alleged pedophiles.

International operative George Nader, who played some still poorly understood role in helping Russia and Donald Trump conspire to alter the outcome of the 2016 election, is sitting in American jail cell right now, on charges of child pornography. Cindy Yang, who founded the Florida massage parlor that eventually turned out to be a front for sex trafficking, attended events at Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago. This weekend’s arrest of Donald Trump’s old friend Jeffrey Epstein, on charges of sex trafficking of minors, is big news. But it’s nothing new, as Epstein cut a plea deal a decade ago on similar charges, thus confessing by default.

We’re at a point where even the ever-reluctant mainstream media seems finally on the verge of asking the difficult but necessary question of why Donald Trump is surrounded by so many alleged sex criminals. So what is Trump doing about it? According to a report from Bloomberg, Trump attended a formal dinner tonight and sat at the same table as New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft – who is fending off sex criminal charges of his own.

To be clear, Robert Kraft has pleaded not guilty to a solicitation charge, and none of the charges against him are even accusing him of having known that the massage parlor he frequented was a sex trafficking ring. But the optics and the timing of the dinner couldn’t be much worse for Donald Trump. Then again, with so many of Trump’s associates caught up in this kind of garbage in various ways big and small, it’s not surprising.

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