Times Square billboard slam dunks sore loser Donald Trump

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Anyone who has been to New York City knows what an incredible place it is. From the buzz of the street vendors to the magnificence of the theater district, there truly is no place like it. And there isn’t anything like the latest billboard to pop up in Time Square either.

This billboard is large flamboyant and features the words, “Trump lost.” New York City is also a very blunt and honest place. “Trump lost. No more audits” is the full text.

The interesting thing about this billboard is that it was not funded by Democrats
but by Republicans. RVR is the name of this group — The Republicans for Voting Rights.

The giant-size billboard features white and gold lettering along with a photo of the slimy Trump looking sad. It is quite a sight to see. And the city that never sleeps is not the only one. This billboard is also set to appear in Detroit along I-75. And Georgia. And Texas. And Wisconsin.

That’s right, my friends. This is all part of a national billboard campaign this group is launching. Who knows? Perhaps one of these billboards is coming to a town near you!

This is excellent news as it shows perhaps there are still a few sane GOP members around. But it is also sad. It is unfortunate that the big lie has infected so very many.

We’re still the group with the largest numbers. But the cult of MAGA still exists — angry, disaffected, and sullen.

Perhaps many of them know deep down that Trump did NOT win. Perhaps they know that the 2020 election was about as fair as an election CAN be. Whatever the Trump klan knows or does not know, it is a breath of fresh air to lay one’s eyes on this billboard.

It is lovely to see the denouncement of the unscrupulous tactics used by bands of crazies such as Sidney Powell. And we will see even more of these billboards as they start to pop up all over the country.

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