Tim Scott’s 2024 campaign is crashing and burning already

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In ancient times, portents were treated extremely seriously. Portents are “signs that something of a calamitous nature is about to happen.” Portents were studied very closely,especially as they related to historical battles.

For example, there was a belief that wild birds in one’s house were portents of death. In today’s times, portents are not so widely looked at. But still — if I were Tim Scott, I’d not be happy with what happened during the Scott presidential announcement. It happened in South Carolina, where Scott was planning to announce his presidential run. And he did — with no help from the microphone.

“I cannot stand by while this is done to America,” Tim cried out, speaking in the usual maga code language, that code being “we’re all doomed.”

“Our nation,” Tim exclaimed, “our values and our people are strong, but our President is weak.”

WHAT WAS THAT, Tim? That’s right. Tim’s microphone shut down. Call it a glitch, or perhaps the microphone was disgusted with the lies pouring into it and decided on a little happy rebellion.

“He’s having some technical issues,” Fox non-news personality Harris Faulkner said. Indeed he was. And there was nothing he could do. Tim Scott’s microphone went off the rails, momentarily leaving the candidate utterly silent. A SIGN? A portent? Perhaps. This glitch was widely talked about on Twitter. Many tweeters seemed highly amused.

“He sounded better without it,” one person said. “He should take a hint,” said someone else. Tim did eventually receive a new microphone. “Let’s see if this one works,” he could be heard muttering. Not exactly a great start for the South Carolinian.

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