Thoughts and prayers

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I don’t often write about all the shootings we are experiencing. That’s because it hurts. Our country hurts. We are in the middle of an epidemic, and we are the only party that gives a damn.

One thing many Republicans say is not to politicize the issue. I ask this: HOW does one speak of gun violence without mentioning politics? If anyone has the answer, I would love to know.

Over and over — again and again — we have the conversations. We send thoughts and fu##in prayers. When does it STOP? When do you move onto action? The fact is this IS a political issue. It’s political because we are the only party that appears to give a damn.

If it were up to me, assault weapons would be banned tomorrow. If it were up to me, background checks would be firmly in place. If it were up to ALLOF US, high, capacity magazines would be a thing of the past. It wouldn’t stop all the shootings, but it would stop a great deal.

We need to do more. We need to make this front and center — just like we did with abortion. The majority of America is with us. Why, then, does nothing get done? Because we have one party that cares more about the NRA and a small — tiny — a pool of voters than anything else.

They’re a bunch of scared, consciousless, macabre assholes who show every day with their inaction that they could not care less if we are safe in our communities. And we’re all tired of it. We’re so tired of saying thoughts and prayers. We’re tired of having ” the talk,” knowing nothing will change.

So I ask that we work to propel this issue into the consciousness of the American people. We can change things, but we need MORE Democrats. We need fearless, strong-minded people who aren’t afraid of a tiny portion of the country. I want to see the day come when people are safe and when no more thoughts and prayers are needed. When we can look back at all the terror and know it’s in the past.

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