This won’t end well for Lauren Boebert

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Utterly useless Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert appeared on MSNBC on Stephanie Ruhle’s show. It went exactly as one might have expected it to go. Boebert could not answer the questions Ruhle threw at her. One could see she was glowing — obviously she was thrilled that the scheme to deny Kevin McCarthy the speaker role was working.

The interview was pretty contentious. Ruhle repeatedly tried to extract from Boebert a reason as to WHY she was blocking McCarthy. And what she would want from him. Boebert simply could not answer. She did state that the fury at McCarthy was not personal, which Ruhl clearly did not believe, nor did anyone with any common sense.

Ruhl also asked her to name names. Just who WOULD she accept as Speaker? Steve Scalise? No, Boebert answered, undoubtedly causing anguished shrieks among many a Republican who was watching this.

I am actually glad Boebert was on. And to give Ruhl credit — she was pretty hard on her. And Ruhl explained to her audience that they were not and would not legitimize any of her (Boebert’s) conspiracy theories.

But the interview was absolutely crazy. Do you know what it showed me? That this is NOT Dorian Gray territory which I’ve often compared it to. Because I do not think there is anything under the sun, Kevin could give Boebert and her gang that they would take.

They seem to be taking perverse pleasure in all of this. At this point, McCarthy has offered them the sun, the moon, the stars, and his own very soul, and none of that has been good enough.

Nothing ever will be good enough. What we’re seeing is anarchy for anarchy’s sake and comes as a direct result of the alt-right craziness. How perfectly terrible for McCarthy and his buddies that this anarchy is now unleashed upon them.

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