This Senate race is turning into a disaster for Donald Trump stooge Herschel Walker

Georgia is yet again one of the most significant states when it comes to the 2022 election cycle, as Raphael Warnock will be competing for reelection to a full term, likely against Trump-endorsed Herschel Walker, yet another celebrity turned Republican politician who was never fully vetted and has a number of scandals that ought to make any candidate unelectable. Donald Trump unfortunately has a history of endorsing and coming to the rescue of people with an alleged history of domestic violence.

Sen. Warnock has shown record fundraising for the last several months compared to a potential rival with decent name recognition, but Walker may have made one of his worst mistakes so far. Like Glenn Youngkin earlier this week, he has asked that Donald Trump not dominate his campaign. While Youngkin at least made his remarks in a conversation meant to be private, Walker decided to go public with his message, appearing on Brian Kilmeade’s show, while appearing to make clear that he just wants Trump’s supporters and nothing to do with him, by essentially saying that looking to appease Trump is merely living in the past.


He’s entirely right with this statement, of course, but this isn’t the kind of thing you say to people in a party that follow their leader in lockstep, when they’re the most reliable voters in a primary. This could cost Walker as a number of Republicans already see his potential nomination as a disaster, and it’s likely a misstep that Trump will not forgive. That said, however, this is a seat Democrats desperately need to defend as the demographics of Georgia move rapidly in their favor, so do what you can to donate and support Sen. Raphael Warnock in 2022.

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