This scandal is getting ugly for Ron DeSantis

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Indoctrination — “The process of teaching a person or group to accept a set of beliefs.” Brainwashing — the process of pressuring someone into adopting radically different beliefs by using systematic and often forcible means.” Ron DeSantis — Governor of Florida who participates in the above-mentioned behaviors. (My words.)

Governor Ron DeSantis is defending himself for rejecting an advanced placement African American studies class. Ronny-boy says this class “pushes an agenda.” Is that so, Ron DeSantis? Of course, it isn’t. Ron DeSantis is doing something that is quite popular in republican circles. He is: projecting — “taking emotions and traits about oneself and attributing them to someone else.”

Ron Desantis is projecting. He is the one with an agenda. He is the one who is using the indoctrination and even brainwashing to push his ugly, racist agenda for the purpose of rewriting history, the way HE wishes it were.

DeSantis is walking a very thin line here. He must be careful. I say this because DeSantis wants to run for president. And based on his actions and behavior, I figure the number of minorities who will vote for him is probably around zero.

This is likely why he’s speaking out. DeSantis is getting some VERY bad press on this story which shows no sign of dying down. It is unlike DeSantis to be on the defensive like this. He probably knows he screwed up.

The man is showing himself to be a homophobic, thin-skinned racist, and every time he pulls one of these stunts, his popularity plunges. It’s as many figured. DeSantis is the classic bully. He is VERY good at yelling and scowling and deflecting responsibility, but he’s absolutely awful at taking responsibility.

I do not expect this charmless, charisma-less man to get far in the presidential race. And there is nothing we can do to oust him from the Governor’s mansion. What we CAN do is keep the spotlight on him and his destructive attempts to ruin the sunshine state. The more people who know who this person is and what he’s about, the less popular he will continue to be.

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