This just keeps getting uglier for Donald Trump’s goons

The “Camp Auschwitz” Trump rioter has been arrested in Virginia and he will be charged federally for his part in the assault on the Capitol. That the man is a troubled kook is no doubt. But the fact that these Trumpsters are wearing this garbage tells you everything you need to know about them.

The Proud Boys had members happily wearing 6MWE (6 Million Wasn’t Enough) tee shirts during their December march in DC. Trump’s “stand back and stand by” buddies are racist trash, but they do spout inclusion in their press releases, just as the Trump and the Republican Party does.

The Republicans have also embraced a “personal responsibility” platform, but the fact that they have virtually never taken responsibility for nominating and electing racist grifter Trump shows this is just a lie. Trumpsters have exchanged their white KKK robes for a cloak of victimhood and it doesn’t matter how egregious their assaults on the Constitution and the American people are, they will always whine and cry. They are the children who murdered their parents and now demand sympathy because they’re orphans.
To counter this garbage, it’s important to follow the truth. In the spirit of the truth, people should make it a point to follow the Auschwitz Memorial.

Every day, memorial accounts post information on social media about a person who was murdered in the Holocaust. When a Trumpster mentions how divisive Trump’s impeachment is to the country, counter this talk with the Camp Auschwitz guy and contrast his “personal responsibility” choice of fashion with the photographs of the innocent beautiful children who were gassed in the Holocaust. Then tell them it’s time to dispense with lies and take personal responsibility for Trump.

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