This isn’t going the way Donald Trump would have hoped

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Some Republicans are gloating over Liz Cheney losing her primary in Wyoming, but Cheney has other plans. According to Wall Steet Journal, she is forming a new anti-Trump Group to continue her work against election deniers, including those already in office. According to Huffington Post, she is already calling out Cruz and Hawley, who Cheney said, “should be barred from future leadership positions.” She also plans to spend time educating citizens about what happened on January 6. The Trump Republicans think it’s a good that that Cheney was defeated, but they’re missing a few important facts. Just because the people of Wyoming believe their lies doesn’t mean others follow suit. In fact, a recent NBC News poll shows what people are thinking about Trump.

The poll revealed that 57% of voters believe investigations into Donald Trump should continue. They specifically said that investigations should continue “because if there is wrongdoing by Donald Trump, he needs to be held accountable just like anyone else.” Only 40% believe these investigations to be “politically motivated.” While you might not be surprised that only 21% of Republicans agreed that the investigations should continue, the striking and most telling number belongs to independent voters: 61% agree with continuing the investigation. Republicans need independent voters and continuing to push Trump’s nonsense is not going to help them on election day. Trump is a criminal. The unsealed warrant hints at violations of the Espionage Act, and Trump pled the Fifth during his testimony in the New York investigation into his businesses. If you’ve done nothing wrong, why plead the Fifth? Yes, that’s a rhetorical question because we know Trump is dirty, and others are slowly awakening to that truth. More importantly, however, some Republicans have tired of the lies and the danger Trump represents.

Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) has gone on the record about the rhetoric leveled at the FBI. Crenshaw never went along with the “stolen election” nonsense according to Fox 26, which also reported that Crenshaw called some members of his party “grifters” for capitalizing financially on the “big lie.” Crenshaw appeared on CNN’s “State of the Union” with Jake Tapper and called the “defund the FBI” rhetoric “crazy.” While idiots like Marjorie Taylor Greene are calling for this nonsense-and filing impeachment articles against AG Merrick Garland-Crenshaw wants no part of it. As Crenshaw said, this rhetoric is no different from far-left politicians who want to defund the police, and he is right. It does not matter from which side extremism comes; extremism is not going to bring this country together nor will it have any positive impact on anything. Defunding the police will return us to the “wild west,” and no one really wants that. Worse, the hate rhetoric against the FBI is encouraging violence from the MAGA crowd.

Everyone needs to sit down, take a deep breath, and chill. We are living the consequences of having Donald Trump elected to national office, something that should never again happen. This shows, once and for all, that elections really do have consequences.

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