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Over the past few days we’ve seen a remarkable series of political developments, from major movement in Congress, to ground shifting developments in the takedown of the Trump cartel. If you’ll allow me a moment of indulgence, I’d like to point out a pattern in all of these developments.

A few weeks ago, when most of the media was implying that there would be no congressional investigation of the Capitol attack, Palmer Report pointed out that Nancy Pelosi would rather obviously appoint a 1/6 select committee if the 1/6 bipartisan commission failed. Sure enough, this week Pelosi did precisely that.

When most media pundits were suggesting that President Biden would never get his infrastructure deal, or that he was going to “cave” to the Republicans on a much smaller deal, Palmer Report pointed out that Biden is much more savvy than this, and that he’d likely find a way to eventually get most or all of what he wanted. Sure enough, a two track infrastructure plan was unveiled this week that appears to have the votes.

Even as most of the media spent the entire first half of 2021 insisting that Donald Trump and his associates were going to get away with all of their criminal antics, Palmer Report instead kept documenting the advancements in the legal proceedings against them. Sure enough, this week Rudy Giuliani was suspended from practicing law, and that ended up being a warm-up act for yesterday’s news that the Trump Organization will be criminally indicted as soon as this upcoming week.

These are all instances in which Palmer Report spent weeks or months factually explaining why a given thing was likely or certain to happen, even as most of the media tried to scare you into staying tuned in by pretending like those things were never going to happen. This is part of a larger, consistent pattern going back years. If you’ve been reading Palmer Report long enough, you know exactly what I’m talking about. If you’re new here, you’re probably starting to get the gist of it as well.

I’m not Nostradamus. I don’t have ESP. I don’t generally work with inside information. Instead, I just look at the facts, and the way politics tends to work, and I explain what’s likely or obviously going to end up happening. It’s how the entire media should operate. Sadly, too much of the media likes to play dumb on what it knows is coming down the pike, so it can play ratings games in the meantime. Then the media acts like it’s some shocking surprise when the obvious thing that was always going to happen, ends up happening.

If you read Palmer Report, you tend to know what’s going to happen days or weeks or even months before anyone else does. This is why you read Palmer Report. It’s not magic, it’s just logic.


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