This is the ultimate humiliation for Donald Trump – and proof of how far gone he is

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It turns out the legal system wasn’t doing Donald Trump any favors by giving him a long weekend off. It opened the door for him to speak at the Libertarian Convention. How bad of an idea did that turn out to be? Every one of you reading this knew it would be a disaster. Yet somehow neither Trump nor the people running his 2024 “campaign” had a clue what they were walking into.

It’s not just that Trump got booed and drowned out the entire time he was trying to speak. It’s not even just that he came off as witless and confused when he tried to lash out at the audience. It’s that the audience is still gloating.

After Trump asked the Libertarian Convention on Saturday to nominate him as its 2024 candidate, he ended up getting less than 1% of the vote on Sunday. The Libertarian Party is the one that only ever gets 1% of the vote to begin with, and Trump could only get 1% of that. Then a delegate took the microphone and said that the Libertarian Convention had grabbed Trump by the p*ssy during his speech.

The one thing you do not want to do as a political candidate is tee yourself up as a punchline. The media will grab ahold of that low hanging fruit and not let go. Footage of Trump getting booed off the stage will continue to get played throughout the election cycle. It’ll result in continual humiliation for Trump. And it’ll help remind self-identified libertarians that they shouldn’t even consider voting for Trump because their kind hate him.

But the real humiliation for Trump is that he’s too deep into dementia to have seen this coming. How does a Republican candidate for President not know better than to show up at an anarchist loony bin like the Libertarian Convention? These people literally showed up to Trump’s speech with a bunch of rubber chickens, which had to be confiscated.

Not only is Trump too senile to have understood why this was a bad idea, the people running his “campaign” are obviously too incompetent to make basic decisions in his place. Even worse, now that Trump can see that his campaign runners are so incompetent that they literally got him booed off the stage, he still won’t have the sense to get rid of them.

That’s because Donald Trump has no idea what’s going on. He slept through much of his trial. He was seemingly unable to recognize or remember half the people who showed up for it. He spent Michael Cohen’s testimony staring at pictures of his rally crowd. He thinks Nikki Haley is Nancy Pelosi. And we’re supposed to believe that he has any idea what’s going on when his people prop him up on the campaign trail?

Trump’s social media page is already boasting the claim that his Libertarian Convention speech was overwhelmingly well received. His handlers are obviously trying to convince him of this. And you know what? It’ll work. He won’t even remember having gotten booed off the stage, or that he was even at the Libertarian Convention. The worst thing for severe dementia patients is how easily they can be steered toward believing anything. Trump’s failure to clean house after this Libertarian Convention debacle is all you need to know about just how far gone he is.

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