This is only going to get worse

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Donald Trump’s rhetoric in recent weeks has become increasingly violent. This is something Palmer Report predicted. It happens during a narcissistic collapse. The narcissist usually feels cornered, so they lash out, and their methods of spilling rage often grow grimmer and more toxic, poisoning their brains.

The malevolent cocktail that Donald Trump is now serving up includes anger, insanity, mayhem, and fire. Donald Trump announced on Truth Social that there is a “new condition” making the rounds. This condition, in Trump’s eyes, is known as “radical left zealots.”

The symptoms? Raising awareness of what an awful person the Donald is. Then Trump announced that some of the more deeply afflicted zealots would find themselves in mental hospitals. Among the ones Trump singled out are:

Jack Smith

Lisa Monaco

Andrew Weissmann

And: “The team of losers and misfits.”

Trump said all radical left zealots will be put in mental institutions “by the time my next term as President is completed.” I suppose he thought he’d scare us. I believe he thought people would quiver in fear. And he’s right. People cringed right in LAUGHTER.

On and on, all over social media, the laughing began. It felt fine — refreshing actually as all of the world, Trump’s words gave people much laughter. And who wouldn’t laugh? Laugh if you want; laugh without guilt. Let yourself go and give in to the delightful laughter of a madman with less power than a centipede.

Yes, if there is one person worthy of our laughter, it is Donald Trump. Think about the fear that must be guiding him to make those statements. Think about how FRANTIC, how filled with despair he’d have to be to say those things.

What did Trump hope to accomplish with his words? Well — he has brought his insanity back into the spotlight. That’s for sure. But I doubt he managed to scare one human being.

Donald Trump repulses us, true. He disgusts us, and his never-ending depravity is undoubtedly something we won’t miss once his nasty orange ass is firmly behind bars. But scare us? Nope. One more thing. It’s going to get worse before it gets better.

Tender is the night for most people, but for a malignant narcissist like Trump, the night holds no tenderness. It holds only rage. Donald Trump turns away from all things tender. And his narcissism knows no limit. So yes, I am predicting right here, right now, that not only will Trump’s rage get worse but that eventually, somehow, some way, he will go too far. He will threaten someone and not in a subtle way.

It is heading in that direction right now. Tender is the night but not for the savage, the sadistic, and the heartless. For them, the creatures of the night, the ones who spit fire; there is only hate — and prison.

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