This is whacked out even for Donald Trump

On Tuesday night, Donald Trump got to hold yet another one of his hate-filled rallies, and it was off-the-charts delusional and dangerous, even for him. Because he needs to win North Carolina again, Trump decided to appear in Winston-Salem before a largely unmasked crowd (and not a few people wearing masks improperly) that were packed into bleachers. As you’d probably expect, he mispronounced Kamala Harris’ first name multiple times, and it was hard to tell if each time was intentional.

Then he started pushing the ridiculous claim that his border wall would be somehow getting built – again with Mexico paying for it even though they’ve shown no interest in paying for it so far, claiming that southwestern border crossing tolls would be enough to fund the wall somehow. It sounds bizarre, and probably counterintuitive, considering that a border wall would still need funding after it’s built for basic upkeep, but perhaps the worst part of the event was when Trump actually told the truth.

The night was mostly a display of the stupidity you’d expect from a Trump rally, but then Trump announced his plan to appoint “very pro-crime judges.” Presumably, he’s talking about judges that are tough on crime, given the demented political stunts we’ve seen from him so far to convince his supporters that he’s the only one who can stop violent crime – even though it’s increased during his administration, and polls already show that voters aren’t buying it.

The other subtext to his statement, is a desire to appoint only the judges that will rule in Trump’s favor regardless of the case, and Eric Swalwell promptly called him out on Twitter, saying it makes sense given that Trump already has a “pro-crime attorney general.” Trump probably misspoke, but it’s going to be one he’ll regret as it pops up again in campaign commercials throughout the election cycle. It’s yet another reason to vote him out by November 3.

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