This is not the news Donald Trump wanted to hear

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This is the moment of reckoning. It’s coming at them fast and furious; they can’t stop it. Donald Trump has been assigned a court date in his CRIMINAL hush money scandal. That date is March 25, 2024. Trump seems none too happy about it either, which, of course makes US very, very happy.

It is going to be smack in the middle of campaign season. But this article isn’t really about Trump’s court date. Oh, no, no. This article is about that moment I mentioned — the moment of reckoning, the last Trump supper, Doomsday — call it what you will – for the GOP.

It had to come, and so it has. The GOP will now have to make a decision. Stand by their criminally charged, lawless pile of screaming orange manure — or let him go? Let him go. In the years since Trump took over the GOP, he has been their most hated leader, their most odious ruler, but — I am not sure the GOP is capable of letting him go.

I think they’re entranced. The Republican Party has a role to play in their own doom. Indeed, I’d argue their role is bigger and brighter than Trump’s. There have been millions of moments they could have let him go. And they did not. And it is not just fear. Oh — many pundits SAY it is. I have my own theories about this, however.

Donald Trump is the GOP’s glittering diamond of doom. he entrances them. He is the keeper of their secrets, the amoral part of them, the evil siren encouraging them to wade out further and further.

He is dark. He is maniacal. He is crazy. And the GOP knows this. And they have not let him go. That tells us more about the republican party than it does about Trump. We KNOW Trump is a malignant narcissist. We KNOW he’s a criminal and a walking nightmare.

So does the GOP. Ted Cruz knows. Ron DeSantis knows. Josh Hawley knows. Lindsey Graham knows. They know his evil heart, the poisonous pit in the toxic apple — and they don’t care. They really never did.

So who knows what will happen? Who knows what the GOP will do? There comes a point sometimes in dysfunctional relationships when both members of that relationship(in this case Trump and the GOP) begin to feed off of each other.

They do a sort of dance together, a waltz into darkness, a dance of ever-more that neither party has the will nor the desire to stop. The GOP could have ended Trump’s grip on them in five minutes and chose not to. And now the reckoning is upon them. We will see what they’re made of and if they want to stop this waltz into the dark side or not. My guess, frankly, is not. Because they’re entranced.

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