This is messed up even for Tucker Carlson

Poseidon was a glorious God and one of the Olympians. According to ancient Greek mythology, Poseidon was quite mighty. He was God of the sea. It was Poseidon who controlled the vast azure waters of the ocean. But Poseidon was also the God of horses. I imagine he might not have been too happy to see the medications of these beautiful horses being snatched away by ignorant MAGAS. Poseidon’s home was the sea. Everybody has a home. Even the Gods did.

And for Ted Kaczynski, also known as the Unabomber, his one-time home was an off-the-grid cabin in Montana where he planned and executed many an evil deed. Everybody has a home. Kaczynski’s home was in solitude — away from the good people of this country — a place he clearly despised. He killed many with his bombing campaigns. He terrorized our nation. People died because of the actions of this one coward. In today’s times, we think of this “person” with contempt. At least most of us do. Tucker Carlson apparently may not.

I must hand it to Carlson — just about every time he appears to have gone as low as he can — he surprises me with the ability to go even lower. I do believe that is his singular and only accomplishment in life.

Tucker recently had on his hate show a guest. This guest was Andrew Yang. Why Yang even went on the show is obvious, although he would most likely argue against the obvious. You see, Yang has a new book out which I will never read. He needs publicity! What a way to get it! He should be ashamed. But I digress.

During the conversation, Carlson, in that irritable and hateful way he has, brought up the Unabomber — to praise him. Who’s next — ISIS?

“The Unabomber’s argument is that large organizations over time morph into purely self-preservation projects. A big system, in the end, protects itself. Our two-party system is certainly in that category.” This is a direct quote from that little asshole, Tucker.


I am curious about something. Will we now see MAGA fans everywhere start to speak of the greatness of the Unabomber? I would not be surprised. I want to see Carlson canceled. If I had an easy way of seeing that happen, believe me, I would tell you. But for now, let’s continue to get the word out about Carlson and his despicable ways.

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