This is just ugly for Rudy Giuliani


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These days, victims of sexual assault and rape are encouraged to come forward. And many do. One just did, making stunning accusations about a VERY famous politician. It should not be a surprise. Some people have auras about them. And sometimes those auras stink.

Rudy Giuliani, otherwise known as “America’s Mayor,” is also now known as America’s latest accused rapist. Rudy’s been hit with sexual assault and harassment allegations. The lady suing, Noelle Dunphy, is asking for a whopping $10 million.

Rudy denies the accusations. Rudy also denies the 2020 presidential election results. As I said, some people just have an aura about them. And Rudy’s aura clearly says creep. According to Dunphy, it all started when Rudy hired her in 2019.

She thought it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. She was right. It was a once-in-a-lifetime nightmare, and according to her, Rudy was aggressive from the start. The filing contains numerous examples of times Rudy allegedly forced her into having sex. According to Dunphy, Rudy partially liked to get his kink on while he was on the phone. He could then pretend to be Bill Clinton Dunphy alleges.

Rudy was also, Dunphy alleges, constantly drunk. He’d go on alcohol binges and make antisemitic remarks. He also apparently had a penchant for Viagra, which she says he took constantly.

Rudy allegedly told Dunphy he could break the law ‘with impunity” and asked Dunphy if she knew anyone who needed a pardon because he was selling them for $2 million each. And she says in the litigation she has tapes, Selling pardons. Assaulting women. Going on alcohol-fueled rants. None of this surprises me. And if true, that is a hell of a bitter, repulsive legacy Rudy will leave.

What is it about some people anyway who feel they are above the laws? This is more than merely a case of hubris. Rudy, from what many say, has always been a bit on the narcissistic side. Yet until now, we’d not heard anything even approaching these repulsive allegations.

Men who sexually harass and rape are the worst forms of scum. And statistics show that one in six women in America has experienced an attempted or completed rape either in childhood or adulthood.

It would be wonderful if ALL these women came forward. Yet it’s understandable they don’t. Rape is still a source of shame for so many. Far too many women blame themselves. Far too many keep their assaults secret. I am grateful this lady came forward. And I believe her. We will be waiting to see Justice do its thing.



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