This is just humiliating for Donald Trump

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“You will never really see how toxic someone is until you breathe fresher air.” – Unknown. I wanted to start with that quote because it describes toxic personalities perfectly. How many of you have known someone toxic, someone who filled the air with a kind of blight, a feeling of poisonous doom that you knew you had to get away from at some point or another?

And then you do, and you breathe in the fresh, clean, sparking air of normalcy. This could also describe Donald Trump’s four years of terror. In a nutshell, our freedom from toxicity came when we elected President Biden. And the day his name was announced as the winner, millions showed their delight at the escape from toxicity by taking, dancing, and singing, to the streets.

Now Trump is toxic for so many reasons, but certainly, his narcissism and antisocial personality play a huge role. Trump gives away his narcissism every moment of every day. Just take what he said on Saturday.

Trump announced at CPAC that he had tried to give himself — and I’m not making this up, though I wish I were — the Congressional Medal of Honor. Cue the laughter. “I was so brave,” the coward said “I sat with the pilots, the best-looking human beings I’ve ever seen.”

Trump then asked his staff if he was allowed to award himself the Congressional Medal of Honor. Trump apparently begged his staff to let him do it. “I did a very brave thing.”

This man would KISS himself, wouldn’t he, if only he knew how? Alas! Trump says his staff advised him that “it would not be a good thing to do.”Do you mean SOMEONE on staff actually had a bit of brain power? Who knew?

This story sort of reminds me how, when asked what he was thankful,l for on Thanksgiving, Trump said himself.

The Medal of Honor goes to the MOST courageous, people like soldiers and airmen, people who are that rare few, who can and do catch lightning in a bottle, people who accomplish that which seems impossible, people in whose shoes cowards never can walk.

Donald Trump deserves an award, alright — for cowardice. He is the first opposite of courage; he is the villain in the hero story; he is a nothing, a little, unimportant nothing who would not know courage if it walked right by him.

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