This is just embarrassing for RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel

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The Republican national committee Chair, a woman by the name of Ronna McDaniel, has been hard at work, looking for ways to sabotage her own party in 2024. And it looks like she’s found a way! McDaniel has hit on a new strategy, a strategy guaranteed to make the GOP lose more bigly than ever before!

McDaniel made an appearance on Fox non-news on Sunday morning, where she appeared eager to discuss her scintillating new strategy. The strategy concerns abortion! McDaniel is most definitely plugged into the fact that women hate Republicans and don’t want them making decisions about our bodies.

So she let loose her own thoughts. And that strategy is that Republicans must double down on being anti-choice. Thank you, GOP, for selecting Ronna to once again lead your incompetent party. McDaniel explained earnestly that Democrats are pouring millions into the abortion discussion.

Fight back; she urged Republicans. Don’t let the abortion talk recede into the wind to be led by only by Democrats! Take your power back! Own it! And don’t just talk about it once, Ronna ordered. Speak about it — again and again and again. “So,” Ronna said, “You need to say, I’m proud to be pro-life.”

That’ll net a lot of wins, I’m sure. Is Ronna insane? Could she have gone round the bend in absurdity? It would certainly seem like it. I am trying to imagine a Republican speech on abortion with the GOP being totally honest. Perhaps it would sound a bit like this:

“I’m (insert republican jerk’s name here), and I’m proud to be anti-choice!”

“Listen, voters; we know what women want. We know, and we just don’t care.”

“If you vote for us, we will spend all of our time doing nothing for the American people except trying to push nationwide abortion bans because, above all else, we’re absolute morons, and we don’t like women very much.”

“We promise to close abortion clinics. We promise to try our best to shop for anti-choice judges to end mifepristone. And we promise to try to bring an abortion ban to your state soon.”

That is basically the whole republican platform at the moment. So, to sum up — I agree! I agree with Ronna! Please take heed, Republicans. I guarantee the American people will be listening.

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