This is just embarrassing for Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds

Iowa Governor Kim CovidKim Reynolds announced that she is going to challenge the President’s vaccine mandate in court. And of course, she was busily spouting off her usual male bovine excrement about how the vaccine should not be mandated and how Iowans should be able to make their own medical decisions. (And all her concern about bodily autonomy does not apply when it comes to women making reproductive decisions).

This was after she signed a bill that required businesses to allow for medical or religious exemptions and guaranteed unemployment benefits for those who are denied exemptions and get fired for refusing to vaccinate. So much for allowing private businesses to run their operations as they see fit. And CovidKim and Iowa Republicans have the gall to whine about how the President is overreaching. If I owned a business, I’d be looking at moving it across the river to Illinois just so I wouldn’t have Iowa Republicans trying to keep me from protecting my employees and customers.

Meanwhile, hospitals here in Iowa are getting slammed because of COVID. When I had to go to the hospital recently for a non-COVID issue it took about 30 hours to get me out of the ER and into a proper hospital bed. Which resulted in a prolonged and more painful hospital stay. It would not surprise me if COVID infections had filled up the hospital to the point that it took them that long to find a room and delayed my care as a result.


If CovidKim and the Iowa GOP actually cared about Iowans, they wouldn’t be fighting the President and they’d be working to put this crisis behind us. But the pandemic has shown us their priorities, and most people here in Iowa are not a priority for them.

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