This is just embarrassing for CNN’s Jake Tapper


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When John Durham’s bizarre and pathetic report was released to the general public, the consensus among the same pundits was that it was a big nothing burger. Of course, some of the alt-right said differently. But that’s only to be expected in a world of fake news.

Yet most pundits covered it well. One would, if googling, see headlines like this:

“Trump won’t read the Durham report — but he’d hate it if he did.”

“What makes the Durham report a sinister flop.”

“John Durham owes the American people an apology.”

“After years of hype, the Durham inquiry failed to deliver.”

“John Durham spent Four years trying to uncover an anti-trump Witch Hunt, and he got nothing.”

So yes, the report was a flop except for alt-righters — and one other person.

This person sits cozily at his anchor’s desk. Usually without one hair out of place, wearing a cherubic smile, and looking like a Preppy ad for life in the corporate world, CNN’s Jake Tapper decided to disagree.

Simply devastating, the tailored Tapper insisted. Devastating for the FBI! By gosh, what has the FBI DONE?

Tapper. He is the perfect corporate shill, a walking advertisement for Company Man. That’s likely why while other CNN employees are reportedly miserable, here sits Tapper – smiling, rosy-cheeked, always ready to be helpful, to play the role of Company Man.

Tapper’s comments in the wake of everything ELSE happening at CNN left many offended, and there were actual calls for Tapper’s resignation. When hard times hit any company, there are always going to be those who speak truth to power.

But then again, there will be some other ones. You remember, readers, do you not? We’ve all, in our journeys, come face to face with that person, that worker-bee who makes it clear — anything for the corporation. Anything for the suits.

That is likely why Chris Licht was so enthusiastic to put Tapper on the air in his own prime-time show. Tapper bungled it — likely because he has all the charisma of a fly, but you see my point.



And if CNN goes back to what they were before? One might fully expect Tapper to done yet another disguise, to roll with the punches, perhaps because it’s always company first for guys like Tapper.


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