This is just embarrassing for CNN

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CNN is continuing its shameful leap into fake news. And as scores of disgusted viewers jump ship, some of the network’s pundits are becoming downright defensive. Case in point: CNN’s Pamela Brown.

Watching Brown this weekend was fascinating because one got to see a story with no legs, coupled with CNN’s stubborn desire to promote said story and not having much luck. So, this new and fake story is about VP Harris. For some inexplicable reason, a large block of pundits has suddenly decided this story is a must-see.

In reality, there isn’t anything to see. Yet CNN’s Brown was hyping the story hard, to the interest of almost nobody as reflected in the network’s abysmal ratings. Brown had on as one of her guests Bakari Sellers, which was another mistake because few can win against him.

The story being promoted featured everything from Biden supposedly considering firing Harris and elevating her to the Supreme Court to coworkers saying Biden is setting her up to fail.

Bakari could not keep the amusement off his face as Brown, seemingly attempting to be as dramatic as humanly possible, put on her “concerned” face. But in reality, there is nothing here because this is not a real story.

And when Bakari politely attempted to say this in his own words, Brown didn’t like it. Taking the art of defensiveness to new heights, she proceeded to become a bit hostile, and for a moment there, I was wondering if she’d come out and cuss Sellers out.

She did not, of course. But the whole mishmash of a segment was wildly embarrassing for her. The fact is Harris has been vilified not by President Biden but by the media, and it’s just shameful. But one can see these pundits practically gurgling in pleasure at the thought of smearing Harris.

There is also the fact that this story is NOT what people want to hear. We still have Covid deaths, rising in some areas, plus so many other issues. Not too many people will go to sleep at night thinking about how often VP Harris argues with Biden or her staff. It was just sickening.

So please. Turn them off, and don’t turn them back on until they actually report on something that matters.

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