This is just embarrassing

Sunday is now finished, at least on the east coast, which means we can finally tally up the day that Donald Trump had on Twitter. Various people have gone back and counted up Trump’s tweets for the day, and it turns out he posted 125 of them in total on Sunday.

That’s right, one hundred and twenty-five tweets. That’s one tweet, every seven and a half minutes on average, for an entire day. And Donald Trump isn’t some pundit whose job is to tweet all day; he’s the President of the United States, so he’s definitely not doing his job when he’s tweeting all day.

What’s worse, Donald Trump’s tweets were some of his worst yet. Too many deranged tweets about President Obama to count. Too many incoherent threats to even try to interpret. Something about blackmailing Robert de Niro and Madonna. Something about a Seinfeld character. And then, for no apparent reason, a video of an old guy struggling to cross the street.

We don’t have a President of the United States. We have a buffoon. A deranged, unhinged, half senile, fully unfit buffoon. Eighty thousand Americans and counting have died as a result of his buffoonery. This is just embarrassing.

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