This is just breathtaking

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When the judge’s ruling came down yesterday that Donald Trump was liable for systemic fraud and dropped a house on Trump’s entire financial existence in the process, it didn’t come as a surprise at all. We’d already seen Letitia James’ case against Trump. We knew he was very likely to lose. Given that the trial is set to start next week – and that James recently asked for pretrial summary judgment – we knew that Trump could lose very soon.

Yet when the judge indeed decided to issue that summary judgment yesterday – something that we all knew was very likely around the corner – it was still a breathtaking moment. It was one thing to know it was about to happen. It was another to see it actually happen. It just felt different. It felt real. It helped underscore that Donald Trump really is being ripped to pieces from all sides by the legal system.

It’s weird that Trump’s ongoing losses and defeats would keep coming as a surprise. He’s been doing nothing but losing ever since 2020. He lost the election. He lost all his court cases to overturn the election. He lost his criminal plot to overthrow the government. He lost his office. He lost his every attempt to avoid getting criminally indicted. He lost to E. Jean Carroll. He’s lost his attempts at delaying his criminal trials. And now he’s lost his money.

Donald Trump doesn’t have the ability to stop any of what’s happening to him. He doesn’t even have the ability to slow down what’s happening to him. He’s losing in every arena, on every level. We’ve been watching Trump do nothing but lose for more than two and a half years now. Maybe it’s time we should stop being surprised when we see him lose. It’s all he knows how to do. It’s all he’s going to do going forward.

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