This is just a special kind of stupid

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This story is about stupidity. It’s about certain people who, sadly for them, were not given the gift of intellectual curiosity. They were born perhaps without all brain cells working as they should. How else to explain the absurd and, in its way, hysterically amusing stance that many a republican are taking after their Tuesday night wipe-out? That sounded good enough to write twice. The GOP suffered a Tuesday night wipe-out.

It was one of the most embarrassing, shaming, pathetic, burning losses of their lives. The GOP lost everywhere on Tuesday as the American people gave them a big “up yours”, for their desire to take away women’s bodily independence.

So what do you suppose Republicans did? Did they perhaps retreat to ruminate on what they lost, how they lost it, and how they could fix it? Nah. Did they write a note admitting they were wrong in their misogyny and solemnly promising never to do it again? Nah.

What some of them DID do is double down. This is because Republicans are some of the most moronic humans working the planet. Walking the plank is more accurate. The GOP are throwing their careers away, walking the plank to irrelevancy with their scornful reactions in the aftermath.

A few examples:

Rick Santorum whined that there were too many: sexy” amendments on the ballot.

Ohio Republicans vowed to fight the will of the people, which isn’t a thing, although I am certain they WISH it was. But it’s not. The people have spoken. Abortion rights will now be enshrined in Ohio’s constitution.

Then we have Republican Bob Good of Virginia, who made an announcement. Let’s become MORE unapologetic in our misogyny!

“We need to be unflinchingly, unapologetically pro-life,” he thundered.

It gets better.

“We need to be bold and aggressive and paint with bright red colors on this issue,” Good declared.

THANK you, Good (the irony of his last name does not escape me), for probably bringing the Democrats yet another campaign commercial. And that red painting you want to paint so badly? It will not be seen by many and will likely wind up in a trash heap somewhere just like your political aspirations.

JD Vance is doing his best to cry me a river as he swears he will continue the fight to take away women’s freedoms. Senator Sherrod Brown will have much to say about that.

Honestly? The GOP simply forgot how to win. They seem to be waged in some abyss, fighting an imaginary war on women they think they can win.

Perhaps lots of these men got rejected in high school or something. I don’t know where their hate for women comes from. Perhaps it’s always been there, and Donald Trump just gave them permission to let it all hang out.

But one thing I KNOW is true. If they keep this up, not only will they lose in 2024, perhaps their loss will break some records — because no sane, average, autonomous voter will want anything to do with them.

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