This is insane even for Donald Trump

How freaked out and messed up is Donald Trump over having to testify in his New York civil fraud trial tomorrow? He’s melting down on his social network in manic fashion, and he’s reaching the point where nothing he’s saying even makes any sense.

For instance Trump posted this today: “Sloppy Chris & “Aida” got booed off the stage yesterday at the big, and very successful, Republican Party event in Florida. I didn’t even know that Aida was still in the race.”

It might take you a minute to figure out that “Sloppy Chris” is Chris Christie, and that “Aida” is Asa Hutchinson. But Trump didn’t bother to specify this at any point in his rant, because he really isn’t ranting for an audience. He’s just ranting out of frustration, and is that far removed from whether his words end up being any decipherable messaging. Trump is out of his mind about having to take the stand, and it shows.