This is all unraveling for Donald Trump at just the wrong time

We don’t know if Mary Trump chose now to leak her recordings of Maryanne Trump Barry to the media in order to do maximum damage to Donald Trump ahead of the Republican National Convention. We don’t even know for sure if Mary Trump was the source; perhaps the Washington Post obtained the recordings through some other method. But we do know that things are now unraveling fast for Donald Trump โ€“ and at just the wrong time.

Donald Trump desperately needs his Republican National Convention to go well for him this week. That was already going to be an uphill climb, considering that he’s struggling to get big name speakers (even from within his own party), and that he’s foolishly giving keynote speeches all four nights โ€“ not something that’s advisable for a guy who’s deep in the throes of cognitive loss.

But now Trump is going to have to deal with the fact that at least the first couple news cycles from the convention are going to include the ugly things that his sister said about him on these recordings. She didn’t merely condemn him; she accused him of hiring someone to take his SATs, and she claimed that he doesn’t even read.

This is ugly โ€“ and because there are recordings, the story will get continuous airplay on cable news and viral exposure on social media. Even as Donald Trump’s limp convention ends up consisting of a handful of his family members kissing his backside, they’ll have to compete with recordings of Trump’s own sister saying that he’s the illiterate scum of the earth. Ouch.

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