This is a train wreck

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Remember when I said that sooner or later — and in this case definitely SOONER — Donald Trump would ask something of Republicans they would not be able to do? That time is now. Donald Trump has asked them for — the world.

First, last week, Trump commanded Republicans to save him and then got angry when his charges did not go away. So he posted saying all Republicans need to be voted out. See, GOP? That is how much the traitor loves you. Now Donald Trump has asked for something else. Litigation. Oh no.

Oh yes. It seems Donald Dump has commanded his petrified flock of chickens to start suing — NOW!! “Start suing now!!’ No subtlety to THAT command. He is pissed at the fact that there is early voting. He does not like this at all. And he wants Republicans to do something about it.

Trump says to stop focusing so much on debates as well. He wants Republicans more focused on him, his wants and needs, and getting his fake ring kissed by the cowards who work for him. And what better way than to sue everyone for everything everywhere?

Donald Trump was the Republican’s curse. He was their damnation. And Trump has come up with a fresh set of new nicknames for the hapless candidates running against him. They are: “Lyin Mike Pence” “Sloppy Chris” “Nikki “Birdbrain Haley” “Ron dead campaign Desanctimonious”

So get to work, GOP. Forget about winning elections; forget about the American people; forget about being taken seriously by anyone ever again. Pharaoh has spoken! And now you must do his bidding.

It’s like a car wreck. You want to turn away, but you just can’t. In Trump’s case, there is nothing Republicans can give him. Certainly they can’t give him the world as he so desperately wants them to. But the GOP cannot fulfill the wishes of the wanton dictator.

They cannot make the charges go away, nor can they do anything about the large number of states that have implemented or will implement early voting. Donald Trump is on his own, only he doesn’t seem to have yet grasped that fact.

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