Things sure change fast

On Thursday morning, a dog named Max in Port St. Lucie, Florida, managed to take control of a car just after the owner stepped out, and drive it in circles around a cul-de-sac, in reverse. With the help of the police and a neighbor’s mailbox, the dog was finally removed from power after “about a half an hour of mayhem,” according to The Washington Post. Fortunately, no one suffered any injuries, Max is fine, and there was only minor damage to the car and the mailbox.

The United States, however, has not been so lucky. Since Donald Trump took over at the White House in 2017, he has been driving the country backwards while spinning everyone around in dizzying circles as he promotes himself and his immoral agenda at America’s expense.

As the impeachment inquiry plows forth with new bombshells every day, it is clear that Trump is on track toward getting impeached for “high crimes and misdemeanors” that are far more brazen, sinister, and reprehensible than anything his predecessors even dreamed about. Johnson got impeached for improperly dismissing a Cabinet secretary, while Clinton’s impeachment stemmed from his lying about an affair with an intern. Although he resigned, Nixon faced impeachment because of his involvement in a politically motivated burglary.

While Trump’s impeachment seems inevitable, his removal from office remains a big question mark. Although Trump appears to have the support of Senate Republicans, it’s not rooted in some deep sense of respect and admiration. In late September, Republican political consultant Mike Murphy revealed on MSNBC that a GOP senator told him that if removal were a secret vote, 30 Republican senators would support it. Former GOP senator Jeff Flake then appeared on Fox News to insist the number would be at least 35. Given all the damaging evidence that has been exposed since, there is no reason to think these numbers have gotten any lower.

As Palmer Report keeps telling you, GOP senators will ultimately cast their votes based on how they think it will affect their own political future. As frustrating and unfair as this reality may seem, it is not surprising considering that impeachment is a political process. Also, as corrupt and depraved as Trump is, the notion of removing any President would be a historic first for our relatively young government, and it is therefore a tall order.

Although not knowing the future when it comes to Trump’s removal causes anxiety, there is also reason for hope. Remember that not long ago, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Chairman Adam Schiff refused to pursue impeachment even though they earned these titles thanks to a blue wave of people demanding accountability. Now, these very same lawmakers are leading an honest and robust impeachment inquiry with the wind at their back. This dramatic development is a welcome reminder of how quickly the political landscape can change. Fasten your seatbelts.

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