Things just got a whole lot stranger

Last night the President of the United States’ tax returns surfaced and revealed that not only is he a tax fraudster, his entire financial life has been a lie. Shortly after that, the President of the United States’ recently demoted campaign manager was placed on a psych hold after barricading himself in his home with a weapons cache.

We have to be careful about making any presumptions as to whether there was any causality, or whether this was more happenstance. But either way, this is part of a larger pattern of things in the Trump World becoming stranger and more escalated as we approach election day.

We already have Donald Trump Junior behaving in such disturbing fashion that observers are debating whether he’s on drugs or having a mental breakdown. It all just keeps getting more odd. And the surreal part is you just know it’s going to get even stranger as the Trump cartel continues to unravel.


Our job is to stay focused amid the increasing chaos. It’s clear by now that Donald Trump has no real idea how to save himself, and that most of his antics aren’t getting him anywhere. But even if his already-small chance of winning just became even smaller, it’s not zero. We have to work harder than ever on voter registration, phone banking, and volunteering, so we can run up the score and truly put Trump out of his misery.

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