Things are unraveling for Donald Trump in real time

Donald Trump is so transparent. After his disastrous “handling” of coronavirus, he is now trying to buy votes by criticizing the Republicans’ “skinny” economic relief bill. Trump is now embracing a bill passed by the rare bipartisan efforts of a group in Congress who call themselves the “Problem Solvers Caucus” and included a second $1,200 stimulus check, which Republicans left out of their proposal. Trump suddenly pretends that he cares about Americans after blatantly hiding the truth about coronavirus, calling it a “hoax” created by Democrats. At the time those words came out of his mouth, he knew the dangers of the virus and said as much to Bob Woodward. Now, he is trying to backpedal. It is far too late for that, “president” Trump. Besides, it is impossible to leave out lies and distortions.

Trump posted on Twitter that Democrats were “heartless” because they did not want stimulus payments for the American people. That is patently untrue. The $3 trillion bill passed by the House in May included not only a stimulus payment but sought to keep the $600 additional benefit to unemployed people. Republicans and the White House rejected the bill. As is typical for Trump, he makes things up and expects everyone to just take him at his word. His word is worth less than the dirt on the ground. That explains why Republicans are running from him like he has the plague. He is the plague. The latest in a long line of Republicans who will not be supporting Trump in November is Olivia Troye, Mike Pence’s former aide.

Troye was a member of the White House coronavirus team and knows first-hand how poorly Trump managed the virus. WaPo reported that Troye said that Trump’s handling of the virus was “a flat-out disregard for human life because his main concern was the economy and his reelection.” That sounds about right, as we all well know. During her time in the White House, Troye worked as homeland security, counterterrorism, and coronavirus adviser to Mike Pence.

Troye said that because the administration’s mishandling of the virus cost lives, she plans to vote for Joe Biden in November. Her experience led her to believe that Biden will manage the virus and other national concerns better than Trump. According to WaPo, Troye is the first administration official who worked on the coronavirus response to speak out against Trump. Hopefully, she will not be the last. Some people care about the American people, regardless of party affiliation, and those are the people standing against Trump in the upcoming election.

Trump, of course, has people in his administration who support him to the end, and the first thing they do is denigrate and defame Olivia Troye. Their opinions are obviously prejudiced and carry little weight. If more former administration officials will speak out before it is too late, perhaps they may even get through to some of Trump’s supporters. It is not likely, but it does not hurt to try.

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