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The GOP did terribly in the midterms. That is just a fact. We held onto the Senate, and the GOP only won the House by the skin of their teeth. It was a sound rejection of republican policy.

So one would THINK that the GOP would try to learn from their mistakes. One would think they would apply themselves to getting an education as to what the voters want and then adjust accordingly.

One would be wrong. The GOP appears thoroughly incapable of self-analysis. Again and again, they lose elections, and again and again, they take a hard pass on trying to understand WHY they lose.

We’ve brought you the story of Mike Lindell — the potential new Chair of the Republican national committee. But there’s more. Republicans have tapped a new person to help them figure out why they lost so very badly.

Normally that would equal good news. But it’s WHO the GOP has tapped that has tongues wagging. That person is losing Arizona candidate Blake Masters.

You’d be forgiven, readers, for thinking this is a joke, only it’s not. Blake Masters was one of the worst candidates Republicans could have chosen. And Arizonians knew it, which is why Masters lost so very badly.

But like a bad dream that refuses to end, Masters just won’t go away. And picking him — an election denier — to do a deep dive into Republican strategy is sort of like jumping into the eye of a tornado. It’s just not a good idea.

Masters will serve as an “advisor council,” conduct a midterm “postmortem,” and help shape the GOP message going forward.

I really feel this is a lousy decision by Republicans. Having an election denier like Masters on ANY advisory council does not bode well for the not-so-grand old party. It also shows they just never learn.

Usually, if one wants to win, one turns to — well — winners. It’s not rocket science, Republicans. Only the GOP does not seem to want to do that. Perhaps it’s because they have few winners to turn to.

The GOP has become so toxic, so stripped of ideas, that any winner likely does not want to get anywhere near them. So perhaps it was desperation that fueled this move.


Whatever motivation was behind this awful idea, it is clear that Republicans will stay the losing party unless and until they look in the mirror and do a deep dive.


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