These QAnon loons are even further gone than we thought

Dallas Texas. Such a stunning city. Dallas is a beautiful place to get lost in with its cosmopolitan buildings, flashing city lights, and chic and urban atmosphere. And this week, Dallas received a visit from a rather odd group of individuals.

At Dealey Plaza, in the heart of Dallas, crowds of people made their way in. The vibe was of heightened expectations. The groups were there for something big. There were quite a few people lined up. Any passers-by would have been curious. What were these folks waiting for? What did they seek?

The answer is simple. The crowds, enthused and excited, were waiting for a man to appear. This man was quite famous. Most know his name. The man’s name is JFK Jr.

You know – THE JFK Jr.– John F Kennedy’s son — who was tragically killed in a plane crash many years ago. This event in Dallas happened a few days ago. So just who were the crowds of people lit up with excitement as they awaited their hero’s imminent visit?

These folks were QAnon supporters, of course — happily in Dallas because they were under the mistaken belief that JFK Jr. would be making an appearance there. Need I even say more?

Well — yes, actually. I must. You see, this is a theory in these Q circles. It goes like this. JFK Jr. has been in secret hiding all these years and will be reunited with the world shortly.

And many were under the impression it would be right on this day in Dallas. Silly rabbits. But the point is — welcome to the new normal. There were not just one or two people at this event. There were many.

Of course, JFK Junior did not show up. The reason he did not show up is that he passed on years ago. Sane and rational people know this.


But not according to many a QAnon voter, some of whom are convinced he couldn’t make it that day in Dallas and is REALLY planning to show up at a rock concert to be held shortly in the future. I’ll end with this — just when one thinks they have had everything, trust QAnon to surprise us with more stupid. Welcome to the new reality.

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