These MAGA loons are even further gone than we thought

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When we step inside an airplane, we expect it will be a safe experience. Flying is a privilege. And when one is flying toward one’s destination, the last thing one wants is to hear and to see are the howls of uncontrollable Magas who cannot seem to behave themselves on planes.

And things in the friendly skies are getting worse. Alex Wagner is filling in for Rachel Maddow while Maddow is on hiatus. And she had an excellent segment about this very issue. (She also deserves her own show. But that’s for another article!)

Flight attendants have been kicked, punched, spit on, sexually assaulted. In one instance recently, a passenger tried to open the doors of the plane. Nearly 500 incidents have been reported just in over a month!

This is why Sara Nelson — President of the Flight Attendants Association, is advocating for some changes. One thing that’s being discussed is a permanent no-fly list. I’m strongly in favor of this idea.

I am in favor of it because if people – some people — cannot stop themselves from behaving like animals, they shouldn’t be allowed to fly. No Flight Attendant or passenger should ever have to worry about violence in the air.

This story is gaining traction, and it should. Airlines — many of them – seem to be in favor of these no-fly lists as well Only there are a few who are pushing back on this idea. These are Republican senators — because, of course. Apparently, the safety of airline employees and passengers does not appear to matter to these Senators.

But maintaining “freedom’ apparently does. That’s why these foul senators have sent a letter to the DOJ complaining and whining about these possible no-fly lists.

Some of the Senators include Marco Rubio (Florida -cowardly), Mike Lee of Utah (idiotic), and Ted Cruz of Cancun (beastly.) In the letter, these morons argued for individual freedom. Can someone answer a question for me? Since when did freedom include the right to assault, punch and pummel flight crews?

No answer is needed. It doesn’t. So now we can add Flight Attendants to the list of people the Republicans are putting in danger. The people at Airlines work hard. And the people who fly on them pay for the privilege of flying. When we fly, we expect a certain level of safety.

Airplanes are an oasis for letting one’s hair down and relaxing. They are NOT supposed to be a place where hate and violence should be allowed to run amok. We need those no-fly lists. Call your Senator and tell them so.

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