These MAGA loons are even further gone than we thought

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When Brittney Griner was detained by Putin, this country was in anguish. Except for Maga. When Brittney Griner was released (Thank you, President Biden) the country celebrated — except for Maga. When Volodymyr Zelenskyy stood before Congress, speaking of how Ukraine would never back down, we celebrated. Except for Maga.

Perhaps you see it too. I speak of the slow turning, the indoctrination, the transition into useful idiots of Putin — that has come to be Maga. Maga has morphed into useful idiots — of one Vladimir Putin.

It is, undoubtedly, exactly what Putin wants. He lives to stir up conflict. And in a small portion of America, it has happened. This small portion — call them deplorable or Maga or just traitors, have reached the turning point where they are openly cheering for and defending Putin.

They lack the ability to even realize what they have done — how they have been created by Russian propaganda, existing as no more than Putin’s weapons of hatred, always ready and willing to defend the Russian monster.

Brainwashing is often subtle. It did take years for Maga to get to this point, but now they’re here. It should shake up anyone with morals and conscience to see the reactions we have seen from Maga. It isn’t just that they exhibit outrage. It is WHO they choose to defend. It is to WHO their loyalties seem the strongest. It certainly isn’t this country.

I suppose one of the worst offenders is Donald Trump Junior, who called Zelenskyy on Twitter, a “welfare queen.” It is nauseating. But it also makes me wonder. What if Putin called upon Americans to right for him? What if Donald Trump echoed those calls? Would Maga go?

Is there ANYTHING Maga would not do if asked to by our enemies? That is what truly makes all of this so frightening. Ukraine is winning the war that Putin started against them. However, it would seem that Putin HAS won the battle of turning Maga.

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