These MAGA loons are even further gone than we thought

SHEEP! This is the only thing I can think of as an appropriate name for Maga voters. I often wonder if the Maga group has ever had one original thought of their own. What the hell did they do all these years before Donald Trump?

So let’s start at the beginning. Target — the retail store — has rolled out its pride APPAREL collection. Only Maga got wind of it. And quicker than one could say, “baaaahhhh,” Maga erupted.

And now reports are that many in the Maga Klan are striding into various Target stores to let their displeasure be known. Displeasure because Target — dares — they dare — to make clothing for their LGBTQ crowd. So now the Maga sheep are using camera phones to reportedly show how Target is “grooming” little children.

That’s right. Fashion is the latest thing under attack from Maga sheep. Maga is reportedly quaking with fury over the brightly colored, beautifully designed rainbow-colored baby onesies. And they’re posting about it all on Twitter. Some Maga are explaining that Target deserves the “bud light” treatment.

Apparently, Maga now believes their god. They get to decide what fashion people wear. It just doesn’t end. And because magas are, at heart, little sheep, many magas are hearing about this and falling in line with the other Magas. It’s a vicious cycle.

The only thing that could really stop all the insanity is critical thinking skills. Maga doesn’t have THAT. So I imagine, for now, anyway, we’re stuck with them.