These MAGA loons are even further gone than we thought

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Folks, we have a problem. And that problem is Maga. Allow me to start from the beginning. We’ve always known Maga is a cult. They are loyal to no one except their own ideas, they refuse to acknowledge reality, and many of them aren’t sane.

But there is something else I’ve noticed lately. Maga is changing — and they’re getting worse. Not Maga as we know them. No. I speak of the fact that Maga is undergoing an incarnation right now, and it is a bad one.

As you are aware, this country suffered yet another mass shooting the other day in Nashville. And now body cam footage has been released showing the heroism of the officers on the scene who, without a second thought, ran TOWARD the gunfire and took the shooter down within minutes.

These officers are heroes and are a good example of America at its finest.

“It’s a training video. It’s fake.”

Yep, this is from a Maga. And it demonstrates what I’m talking about. Maga — many of them – do not seem to believe the body cam evidence is real. They think it is fake.

“Where are all the people?”

How does one even begin to answer a question such as that one?

These comments — and others like them — are popping up all over social media. Maga no longer sees conspiracies just with the Democrats. Maga sees conspiracies with everyone. And that is quite worrying. It is worrying because the disease is spreading — the disease of Maga and their warped thought processes.

Maga is also talking about the cycle of terror. What is the cycle of terror?It involves the fact that, in their mind, trans people are terrorists.

Because this one shooter was trans, many in Maga-land have seemingly wiped from their minds all the OTHER shootings that have happened through the years and decided all the issues of guns have to do with trans people. That’s it.

So, I mention all this as a warning of the cult we’re up against. Their numbers are smaller, but their worldviews are getting worse and worse. They have appeared to lose even their small grip on reality, which many of them seem no longer to be tethered to.

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