These MAGA loons are even further gone than we thought

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There are those of us who choose to live in reality and those who choose not to.

And make no mistake, it IS a choice. Although there are millions of cult members all over America and beyond, those people did have choices. And they chose to walk into the oblivion.

Maga is just one cult. But they may just be the biggest ones in our country. Although their numbers have shrunk, please don’t make the mistake of thinking they’re gone for good.

They’re alive and well and living in oblivion.

Their reality is a drifting dreamscape of denial.

In Maga-verse many still think that ANY DAY NOW — any day Donald Trump will once again assume the presidency.

Perhaps we could call it to wish fulfillment. They want this so badly some have convinced themselves it will happen.

And, of course, there are the fake prophets in the form of television and internet media — fake news that makes a living — who profit — off the mists of oblivion that Maga lives in.

And I would like to show you these mists. I think it’s important to understand the Maga plague.

We have to understand that most of these people are too far gone to realize the fact that their lives have become one long oblivion.

Let’s set the stage on this one. An election denier had asked the supreme court to hear a case that Biden, Harris, Pence, and hundreds of other politicians in power should all be removed from office because they chose to certify the 2020 election.

Of course, the court said no. They’re crazy but not THAT Crazy.

But this person filed an appeal. The court won’t take it up. It will be refused again.

That is not stopping Maga from dreaming, though. Behold below comments from Maga folk.

“If there is a God in heaven, save us!!”

“Military is the only way now.”

“Arrest the top brass first.”

“The court has been infiltrated. Can’t be trusted.”

“I had a dream, and the holy spirit says, “Trump will return.”

“I’d give a year off my life for this to happen.”


“The election was stolen!”

You know I almost — ALMOST feel sorry for these people. Who are they really but yet another Jim Jones or David Koresh flock? Who are they but people who have given their souls away to empty promises that don’t exist?

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