These House Republicans are racing each other to see who can go furthest off the deep end

Mental incompetence is apparently now a prerequisite to belong to the Republican party. Kevin McCarthy has lost his mind over the House Select Committee asking telecom companies to preserve information. McCarthy’s insanity was then echoed by the most unstable member of Congress, Marjorie Taylor Greene, who told Tucker Carlson: “These telecommunications companies, they better not play with these Democrats because Republicans are coming back…and we will take this very serious.” Greene does not even know basic grammar, yet she has the nerve to threaten companies, many of which support Republican campaigns. How is that going to work for her? Then, we have Madison Cawthorn. Where to start with him?

Cawthorn has been riding the crazy bus for a while. While spewing his tale tales at a Republican event in North Carolina Sunday, Cawthorn said that if we continue to see “stolen” elections, “there will be bloodshed.” There have been no stolen elections, and Cawthorn knows it. He is merely continuing the lie that he hopes will get him reelected. Why, no one knows, since he has done nothing but create turmoil. Newsweek quoted his opponent in the upcoming election, Jasmine Beach-Ferrera, who said that Cawthorn is “unfit to serve and poses a danger to our democracy.” It is difficult to name any Republicans who are not dangers to our democracy other than Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger, who Andy Biggs wants expelled from the GOP according to the Hill. Biggs is another nut. Cawthorn, however, is king of nuts right now.

Not only does he predict “bloodshed,” but he also claimed that door-to-door vaccinations would result in the taking of people’s Bibles and guns. Huh? Back in July, President Biden mentioned going out and knocking on people’s doors to ensure that everyone is vaccinated. That may sound like a good idea in theory, but President Biden has not undertaken such an endeavor. Even if he did, is Cawthorn trying to say people would have to exchange their Bibles and guns to get one? How crazy is Cawthorn? Between Cawthorn, Taylor Greene, Biggs, and several others, we need to start requiring mental examinations for Congressional candidates. This is out of control. Then, you have the so-called conservatives who are not even in office.

Candace Owens attempted to get a vaccine from a private agency in Aspen. Owens is one of the loudest critics of vaccines and one of the biggest deniers that Covid even exists. If she does not believe that Covid is real and vaccines are dangerous, why was she trying to get one in private? No one knows, but the agency denied her request, citing her “misinformation, politicizing and DISCOURAGING the wearing of masks.” Displaying just how crazy and stupid she is, Owens made the email exchanges public, and everyone piled on.

What I need to know is who are the people supporting and voting for these crazies? If people like Owens, Cawthorn, and Taylor Greene are not quashed, we might as well give up any hope for this country to turn around.

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