These GOP loons are even further gone than we thought


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The republican circle of lunacy is getting worse. Where republicans go — insanity follows. That’s just the way it is. Let me cite some examples from just this last week to show the dangerous savagery of the republican party.

In the state of Missouri, a bill was introduced by a Missouri state Rep. This bill would bar the teachings of ANYTHING having to do with the LGBTQ community — at ANY age.

Moving on to the state of Florida, it would appear Florida republicans want to altogether ‘cancel” democrats by eliminating the democratic party and citing as their reason the fact that democrats once, many moons ago, supported slavery. This bill, S.B.1248 would change all the party affiliations of democratic voters to “no party affiliation.”

In Montana, some Republicans want to ban people who received the Covid vaccination from donating blood. You read that right. And in Michigan, the Michigan AG has confirmed she was the target of armed crazy republicans who secretly plotted against Jewish politicians.

I haven’t even covered half of the crazy. But what do all these stories have in common? They’re crazy — absolutely insane. And we have to break the cycle of republican craziness. Contrary to what many expected after the midterms, Republicans did not learn their lesson. Instead — they got worse.

It’s like their brains vanished into the abyss, leaving nothing but forlorn loyalty to their master Donald trump (who is also the one from whom they learned all this quackery.) The only thing that needs to be canceled is the GOP. They are getting loonier , showing that they’ve learned nothing.


They can’t seem to get out of their own way and stop the crazy. Perhaps they don’t WANT to stop it. Perhaps they’ve realized that this cycle of crazy is far more important than ever being a relevant political party again.



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