There’s something wrong with Kevin McCarthy

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I had to chuckle before starting this article. This article is about a liar. Now, when writing about liars, it is essential to highlight whatever lie — or lies you’re speaking about. And I chuckled because I remembered the best book about liars in politics ever written.

“Lies and the lying liars who tell them” by former Minnesota senator and current comedian extraordinaire Al Franken was a witty, brilliant, fantastic book on political liars. You might want to read it if you have not. Perhaps CNN should have hired Franken instead of Bill Maher. But I digress.

There are so many liars in politics that it’d be hard to know where to start when naming them all. But I do not plan to do that. No, I am naming only one liar today, a person who is nothing if not foolish, a wind-up doll of Donald John Trump’s, a liar who is so moronic he can’t even lie properly. I speak of Kevin McCarthy.

We’ve spoken a lot about McCarthy. But I have never written an article about a single one of his lies which is so absurd it could only be a lie. McCarthy had a press conference the other day. He beamed, and he smiled, and he opened his mouth, and out came Pinocchio.

Kevin told the press that Democrats are swarming around him, coming up to him to say to him that he’s a great speaker, better even than Nancy Pelosi. Say WHAT? Okay, my friends. Let’s give him a fair trial before deeming him a liar.

Who are these Democrats? Kevin didn’t say. When did this happen? Kevin did not say. What made them say this? Kevin did not say. And the thing about it is — Kevin cannot even lie well. Perhaps George Santos could give him a few lessons.

The lines between fantasy and reality have become blurred for Mr. McCarthy. There is a chance that the Trump disease infected Kevin, and he believes this, but I doubt it.

Kevin is saying what he WISHES was true. In reality, McCarthy isn’t even the speaker. It is his in name only, and he cannot make one move without asking people like Marjorie Taylor Greene if it’s okay. I say he verdict is guilty. Kevin McCarthy is a pathological liar.

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