There’s something in it for him

This piece is for the people out there who still foolishly believe “president” Donald Trump is a great president. Putting his hatred and racism aside, he clearly is in office for himself. He has made millions by golfing and hosting events at his own properties, but even that is apparently not enough for him. As Republicans and Democrats go back and forth over what the next stimulus should include, how do you suppose “president” Trump weighed in? Demanding that $1.75 million go toward a new FBI headquarters. Now, we all know how Trump feels about the FBI, so what gives? You guessed it: There is something in it for him.

Back when Trump first stole the presidency, he began immediately interfering in plans to move the FBI to a more secure setting in the suburbs. Soon, it became obvious why he was so adamant about stopping this action — it would leave an opportunity open across the street from Trump International Hotel. Trump was afraid that competition for his hotel might land in the spot, and he could not have that.

According to Washington Post, Republicans initially bowed to Trump’s wishes and included funds for the building. Mitch McConnell denied that funds were earmarked to construct a new FBI building, but when confronted by the press, he said, “You’ll have to ask them why they insisted that it be included.” People are barely getting by during this pandemic yet Trump—always looking out for himself—believes that we are stupid enough to buy into his reasoning for these funds. He claimed that the new FBI office would help the FBI “prevent, prepare for, and responding to coronavirus, domestically or internationally.” Since when has the FBI been on the front line of the coronavirus battle? The answer to that question is easy: Never.

Now that the news is out, Republicans are running like scalded dogs while pointing their fingers back at Trump and his administration. Forbes reported that McConnell has now come out against the proposal and has joined with Democrats to oppose the inclusion of these funds in the next stimulus package. When asked what an FBI building has to do with coronavirus, Senator Richard Shelby (R-AL), said, “Good question.” It is a good question, and it would have likely happened had it not been for the press that Trump hates so much. No wonder he hates them. If no one else can make Trump accountable, the press certainly does by exposing his lies and machinations. His greed is the only reason Trump ever aspired to office. He saw easy money, and he has been bilking the taxpayers ever since.

Trump’s motives cannot be clearer. He has never had love for the FBI and pretending to support them now has “ulterior motive” written all over it. People are dying, can barely feed their families, and in some cases, do not know where their next dime is coming from, yet Trump is worried about his failing businesses. What a guy. He continues to display just how little care and concern he has for the American people.

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