There is no bottom

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Halloween is almost here. So in the spirit of that holiday, allow me, if you will to tell you a story. It’s about a stormy lake obscured by malevolent forces. Existing alone, the lake flows in total darkness, waiting till the witching hour to pull the innocent down into her murky depths.

The lake may look peaceful at first and appear fun. She will perhaps try to entice you to dive right in. Some may want to take a chance on that which they don’t understand but are undeniably curious about. That would be a mistake.

For this lake bites. It’s sharp. The moment you give it what it wants, it will zap you with teardrops. And those teardrops will be your own once you discover just what this lake is capable of.

This lake exists in the state of Arizona. And she just might be Arizona’s next Governor. Kari Lake. Election denier. Conspiracy theorist. Friend to Donald Trump. Candidate for Governor of Arizona.

She is someone to take seriously. She is someone we MUST make sure will never become the next Governor of Arizona.

Many have called her a female version of Donald Trump. I don’t disagree. She has seen her status rise in Maga circles. That’s where it needs to stay. The danger is that the lake cannot flow into mainstream politics.

So we must, with everything we have, help Katie Hobbs become Arizona’s next Governor.

Hobbs is at the top of my list in donations. Please consider the best ways to help push her over the finish line.

I do not exaggerate when I say Arizona’s fate on the line. That is no fictional Halloween story. Because there is no bottom to the Lake hurricane, she will pull Arizona down if elected. That’s what makes it more terrifying then the scariest Halloween story.

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